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A plethora of pop culture gods and goddesses.

Pop Culture Altar Candle

Pop culture altar candles lovingly designed by Last Craft Designs. The digital collage is printed on UV coated vinyl adhesive and applied to a traditional “7 day” white altar candle. Placement may vary slightly as these are hand-cut and placed. Candles are made in the USA.

Please exercise caution when handling the candles. Do not burn unattended. And keep them in moderate conditions.

Twin Peaks | Biggie Smalls | Dolly Parton | Spock | Siouxsie | Robert Smith | Prince | Morrissey | Bjork | Buffy | David Bowie | Divine | Snoop Dogg | Beyonce | Selena | Stevie Nicks | Ozzy Osbourne | X-Files Scully | X-Files Mulder | Tom Petty | Patti Smith | Kurt Cobain | Kate Bush | Madonna | Spock | Buffy | Freddie Mercury | John Waters | Bruce Springsteen | Diana Ross | Shirley Manson



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